I’m Dee, an introvert, nonconformist, minimalist, macabre freak, cat obsessed, vintage and art enthusiast. Battling against OCD and depression, and a walking paradox.

I have a strong sense of individuality and independence, I do not conform to social norms or follow trends.

I paint, I write, I take photographs, I make videos.

Aspiring photographer/filmmaker, special fx makeup artist, author, & director

Lover of art, crafts, vintage, photography, poetry, adventures, mysteries, rainy days, anything morbid, horror movies, abandoned/haunted places, creepy/odd stuff, Victorian Era & Mid 20th Century, food, fashion, makeup, basketball, and paranormal occurrences.

Obsessed with Bewitched, Supernatural (TV Show), and Twilight Zone.

Stick around for more of the things I love!

Be a limited edition in a world full of cheap imitations. -d.b.



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