How to love mornings ☕

If there is one thing students share in common, it is the struggle of rolling out of bed in the morning and getting ready for school. Here are my 4 tips for my fellow students that still find mornings dreadful.

  1. Know your sleeping pattern. ⏰

We normally feel groggy in the mornings especially if we are woken up by our alarms because our body has to wake up on its own time in order to feel good, replenished, and energized.

Sleep at a certain time and let your body naturally wake up. No alarms. Let your body wake up when it wants to. If you have woken up too early, do not go back sleep. Record the time you have woken up and the hours of your sleep. Do this three times in a row and if you keep on waking up almost at the same time, the hours that your body takes for your body to wake up naturally is the hours that you need in order to be at your best. After that, you can adjust your sleeping time to your liking. For example, I only need 6 hours of sleep. That’s when I feel the best. More than 6 hours for me is oversleeping and it will leave me feeling groggy. So if I have to wake up at 5 AM, I’d sleep around 11 pm. Mind that everyone is different.

Weekends or summer is the safest time to discover the hours of sleep that your body needs. You do not want to experiment on the night before something important, in case you are not able to get up early.

  1. Prepare everything the night before. 👗

Mornings are enjoyable when you are not stressed. Prepare everything the night before so you can relax and you do not have to scuffle in the morning.

  1. Have a routine you look forward to. ☕

It could be simple as drinking your favorite hot beverage or gazing at the pitch black sky turn baby blue and spew sunbeams—or both. Whatever it may be, do something you look forward to. Something that will make mornings enjoyable for you. Perhaps a “me time”, a quick little writing or drawing session, or anything that will set your morning into a good one.

  1. Be thankful for the gift. 🎁

Praise God for another day! School might be hard. But you will get through it! One day, you’ll find yourself marching in that Graduation Toga and the struggles, the sleepless thesis nights, the tiring OJTs—all of it will be worth it!

Disclaimer: I am not an expert. All of the tips I have given are based on my personal experience and what worked for me. This may work or may not work for you.

Stay Weird, Dee x





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