Humans don’t have fangs.

Humans don’t have fangs—so why do we eat meat? I have recently realized this, it just popped into my head. I researched it after becoming aware of it and there are loads of studies about it. This post, however, is solely based on my knowledge and my own mind. So if you find something misleading or wrong, I’m not a doctor or a scientist. This is purely my thoughts.

I am a Vegetarian but I do avoid dairy & eggs and products that contain it as much as possible.

My main reason to become vegan one day is for the animals. The health benefits are just a bonus. I have heard the phrase “humans are meant to eat animals” more than once now and it frustrates me. How is the human life more important than the animals? Are we really meant to eat meat?

What is the difference between a cow and a pig to a cat and a dog? It’s 2016 for heaven’s sake. Yet we still eat meat like primitives. Our ancestors were forced to eat meat due to lack of resources and knowledge.

If we are built to eat meat, like the vicious lion for example, why don’t we have fangs? It’s not just the fangs. But every little detail in the body. A lion’s body is built to hunt, their strong sense of smell, their long sharp claws, sharp vision, powerful hearing and long piercing fangs to sink into the flesh of their preys.

It is obvious that we humans are far from being alike to a lion or any vicious meat eating creature for that matter. We are not obviously built to eat meat. Some would say that humans are complex, we are this higher creature and that we are smart to slaughter down a cow and cook to eat it. But are we naturally built to eat meat? I don’t think so.

If we are thrown into the wild without any modern equipment and weapons, do you think we can hunt down a prey? Just using what is naturally given to us? No. We can’t see in the dark, we don’t have sharp fangs to bite into a flesh and we don’t have claws to grab and attack our prey. What we do have is a perfect set of hands to hold up a fruit and peel it, we have hands to plant trees and vegetables, we have hands to grab nuts and we have blunt teeth, perfect for chewing fruits and vegetables.

Why do you think we have to cook meat? Because our stomach and body cannot process it and our blunt teeth cannot chew raw meat. If we are naturally meant to eat meat, we should be able to eat meat without feeling ill.  Animals who are built to eat meat doesn’t have to cook their food, right? Because they’re meant to eat meat.

Also, why does a raw bloody piece of meat is not appealing and delicious to us? But it is to a lion or any naturally built meat eaters. See, even our mind is telling us that we are not meat eaters!

If we are going to the ‘meant to be’ route, it is crystal clear. That we, humans—are not meant to eat meat.

Stay Weird, Dee x

photo from Tumblr.


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