Lucid Dreaming & Sleep Paralysis.

Lucid Dreaming is something I experience ever since I could possibly remember and I know for a fact that it is not something everyone experiences. It happens to me so often that I’m used to it and it is not something I plan, it just happens. Believe me, everything I am about to tell you is true and I am not an expert, all of these I am about to write is all based on my experience.


The quickest way to explain Lucid Dreaming is that it is a dream you can control because you are awake and aware of your surroundings. You will see, hear, and feel everything you imagine.

When do I Lucid Dream? It is during my Sleep Paralysis. Sleep Paralysis is waking up from a sleep while your body is still paralyzed. From what I have read it says that our mind paralyzes our body when we sleep so that we do not act out our dreams. While lucid dreaming during a sleep paralysis, I always try my best not to move any part of my body to stay paralyzed. Because if I do, I snap out of lucid dreaming.

“You will see, hear, and feel everything you imagine.” This is the explanation for why people see, hear, and feel bad entities during sleep paralysis, especially for those who experienced it for the first time. They usually panic and normally would think about something paranormal.

I consider Lucid Dreaming and Sleep Paralysis like sisters because when you are in the middle of sleep paralysis that is when you can lucid dream. But sometimes if I don’t fight through my sleep paralysis, it feels like I am drowning in oblivion (I could be just imagining it), so I would always do my best to fight through it. The best way to fight through it is to relax your body and as much as possible do not panic. Just relax and you will find your body slowly releasing from paralysis.

If you’re skeptical about what you just read, then so be it. I consider myself very lucky to be able to experience such magical dreams that not everyone experiences. But, if you’re so fascinated by it and want to try it, I advise you not to. I don’t plan my Lucid Dreaming, it NATURALLY happens to me. But I myself find it dangerous sometimes, because as I have mentioned earlier that sometimes I feel like I am drowning in oblivion if I don’t fight through my Sleep Paralysis so I can Lucid Dream.


Stay Weird, Dee x


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