Morbid Fascination: Abandoned Places & Victorian Era

My love for morbid, creepy, odd or weird things is extreme. There is something about odd stuffs or photographs that comforts me, like a creepy Victorian era photographs, Jack the Ripper crime scenes, blood, ghosts, aliens, mermaids or other paranormal/supernatural sightings, abandoned places and simply anything disturbing. In this post I will be tackling about my love for Victorian era and abandoned places photographs and why I want to visit them so bad!

I want to visit every abandoned city, house, hospital or asylums in the world. It intrigues me what made them abandon their home or city? Who use to live in it? A family? A psychopath? What are the stories behind these walls? We’ll never know. Every time I look at abandoned photographs, so many questions comes rushing through my head—and the eagerness to visit, discover, and photograph it is inevitable. I love how the nature has taken over, how things haven’t moved for years and years, how everything is a mess, how dusty and moldy it is like treasures and how everything is packed with stories and mysteries.

Centralia, Pennsylvania around 1915 (real life Silent Hill) 

Discovering the stories and unraveling the secrets is also one of the main reasons why I want to visit abandoned places. Also, finding supernatural occurrences is a bonus! Houses from Victorian era that has not been touched ever since (if there’s any) is my dream! Victorian era is my favorite era along with the 50s & 60s era! Hence, why I love vintage. Victorian era on the other hand is a very dark era and it is rich of morbid stories! People were also very creepy in the Victorian era, a lot of odd traditions & beliefs. That is why I love it so much! Victorian photographs kind of sums it up, right? Here are some of my faves.

Stay Weird, Dee x

all photos from Google.


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